UPDATE 11.01.2016

Hello again, people reading this blog. Initially, I tried to gather some information on what happened, trying to clear up the situation and minimizing the amount of flamewar that has always been a threat to the LU community. I’ve seen several sources by now, but most of them seem to conflict with one another, so the original blog post probably contains mostly false information.

It seems clear that Jonnys database has been wiped, and anything but that I can’t be certain. I thought that people would at least be reasonable, but the truth seems to be buried under a ton of lies. I want to go through what I’ve heard and try not to judge that much in the process.

I’ve heard of the incident in the ex-LUNI Skype chat. At the time I got to read it, 99% of it were Egmo and someone else spamming it with walls of text. Someone dropped the username “SexyChicken” and Jonny himself said, he had been hacked, and someone had wiped his database and messed with his VPS.

Then, I talked to Egmo himself, and he told me that he was sad that Jonnys server was closed, and that a developer called BYNCA21 had attacked Jonny without his knowledge and had also messed with Egmos own server.

Later, I contacted N4mEL3sS (nameless), and talked to him about the project, he said he got into Jonnys Admin account and deleted all instances, though he claimed not to be the person that wiped Jonnys database. He also told me, that there was no other dev working with Egmo than him and kee225.

I believed both of them, and updated my post accordingly, thinking, that the situation was resolved. But they have since been claims, that Egmo lied about his developer being someone else, which would be the best explanation for the whole story. This would mean N4mEL3sS is the developer responsable for this situation.

I’m just sad at the moment, that this is really happening. But I guess, people malicious enough to mess with other peoples servers, alos don’t care if they are lying to people, whose work they use.

I’m not sure, what I want to do now, but I guess I can’t ask people to care for the people that made the thing they use possible rather than those who give them access to it.

I’ll keep the old post here, just for historic purposes, remember, anything below is likely untrue.

This post has been updated, make sure to read it to the end

Very recently, some very disappointing events have occurred. The result is that one public server has been forced to discontinue, and a some people behaving in a very immature way.

I’m of course talking about the deletion of CuzItsJonnys database by a developer on Egmos server apparently called “SexyChicken“. I don’t know if this name is accurate, but apart from that multiple sources have agreed on this fact. This is said to have been preceeded by an attempt to crash Egmos server and has apparently resulted in people spamming Egmos forums who in turn spammed a skype group with unrelated people in it.

This behavior is unnecessary, immature and unnacceptable. Sadly it seems that in a situation like this, the people without respect and ignoring the wishes of those working hard on creating an amazing system, are those who survive and even get praised for what they are doing.

LEGO Univserse Reborn has so far not implemented a single feature that has not at least been worked on in the background. Most of the infrastructure of NPCs has been there in my latest public version, just loading the individual ones has not been there. Mail, Chat, World Travel, Character Creation, and even the CMS has been implemented by me, based on amazing work and documentation by humanoid24 and lcdr, the server having contributions by Raffa and Jon002.

Egmo/Slapjr was not even capable of setting up the CMS by himself, and I was stupid enough to help him do that, and this is the reaction we get. I have lost all my trust in him being a reliable and nice person, which he seemed to be at the beginning but has proved not to be, even though he might be older than me, which sadly doesn’t imply anything.

I wanted to make this post as neutral as possible, but I fail to do so, because it really makes me angry that the otherwise so creative community around LEGO is decieved by such people, who fail to attribute the work of others.

I have posted a topic on the LEGO Universe Reborn forums (a name which existed before and he used without caring), which I wanted to post here to prove its integrity. The demand in there might not be that relevant since his developers wanted to rework the CMS anyways, but that is none of my concern.

I don’t know exactly what happened, but I do know that it clear and confirmed that a member of Egmos server team at that time has wiped Jonnys database and thereby maliciously destroyed his server. This is an unacceptable reaction independent of the cause of this action.

In addition, Egmo has spammed the Skype group, annoying people that have done nothing at all. At the same time, any action with malicious intent against Egmo is also unacceptable.

I hereby ask you to react to this comment in a mature way and explain in as much detail as possible what has happened and apologize to Jonny on behalf of your Team.

If you fail to do so or remove this comment, I ask you to remove this Web Frontend from your server as it is published without license, meaning default copyright applies and you are not allowed to use it without mine and BlueBraincs (the only contributor) permission.

I am the real Xiphoseer, just not using my real E-Mail (meaning there is no gravatar either), because I’ve lost any trust in you. You may confirm this by asking me on Skype or looking at my blog where I will publish this post so any manipulation of the exact wording can be detected.

I seriously hope that Egmo/Slapjr will come to the conclusion that abusing people that have invested months in what he is now advertising as the work of his team is dishonest and disgusting.

I do not want to judge him here so i’ll include both possibilities here. If he is a person with conscience, then I hope that he realizes what he is doing, and does his best to apologize and try to minimize the effect. If he is not, then I’ll have to accept that you can’t argue with such a disgusting person.


I’ve since talked to Egmo, and he is not involved in the destruction of Jonnys database. He is not responsable for the attack on CuzItsJonnys server, he even explained that he played on Jonnys server himself and would prefer that it was not shut down. He has spammed a skype chat, but only as a reaction to other people spamming his forums, which is not ideal, but more usual in that Skype group.

It appears that the malicious developer was called BYNCA21 and had some way of accessing Jonnys database, where he first changed names and values and later deleted the whole database. He might have done a DDOS attack on Egmo too, as his PC was down for some amount of time. He also manipulated the database on Egmos server slightly.

I have looked at the UniverseLauncher source again, and all database querys seem to be protected against SQL injection, so I suppose he has used some other way. SQL Injection with a manipulated client might be possible, though that would need a lot of work, and is unlikely. He may have had FTP access to Jonnys server though this is only a guess and not backed up by any evidence. Egmo says the dev talked about having password hashes, though that does not explain anything really.

I have stated in the past, that these systems might be vulnerable, and we have seen a sad example that they are indeed insecure. Therefor I’ll mention again, that I do not advise people without experience to set up a public server. Even Jonny, who knows quite a bit, has been hacked.

For now, have a nice day!