Today, it has been brought to my attention, that a popular eSports team uses a logo very similar to mine, which is very interesting to me, since I stumble upon these weird coincidences sometimes.The logo was created by myself, inspired by the Monogram JG used in the newer “The Great Gatsby” movie (this image is a stylized version of it):


There actually is a monogram creator for custom initials, but my initials in there just look horrible:


That’s why I created my own version, with the S inside the D and the left side mirroring the right side:


The green & white color scheme actually came from some ship drawings I made a long time ago, with a white & green checkerboard on the sails.

Similar logos

While visiting the British Museum in London about ayear ago, I came across an interesting stone in the chinese exhibition. It had the shou longevity character on it, which (turned on the side) looks something like this:

The eSports team I mentioned above has the following logo, which is also quite similar:

I recently watched a short film about the history of LEGO┬«, and stumbled upon this logo on boxes in the film. No that similar, but it’s close enough to have made me stop and put it here:


This list is probably not complete, I may add more logos as I find them.