The LUNIServer Project was the first public LEGO Universe server emulator project, created by raffa505. Since its beginnings around 5 years ago, various developers have worked on it, and a very diverse history surrounds it.

I have created a flowchart that should help illustrate the LU development history. It is not necessarily in chronological order, and events did not necessarily happen at the same time, but it gives an idea of the way the code flowed in this project.

View the development history page

 Humanoid has never published his code with any license, nor agreed to have any license put on his code. This means that the project can’t have a license and all contributions are still owned by their respective authors.

As a consequence, servers can only exist, because these authors tolerate the use of their code, and if any individual does not want that someone else uses their code, this needs to be respected, meaning that version and anything based on it can’t be used to run a server.

I recommend to add the following note to anything you publish in relation to a LUNI server, including a message required by LEGO when talking about this project:

This LEGO Universe Server Emulator is based on the LUNI Project created by raffa505, including code by humanoid24, Jon002, Xiphoseer [, developers specific to your version] & others. All rights reserved to the original authors. The LEGO Group has not endorsed or authorized the operation of this game and is not liable for any safety issues in relation to the operation of this game.

Finally, be nice to people. This is about recreating a game we all love, so have respect for those who actually work on doing that.